Wednesday March 1, 2017

For study association Inter-_Actief_ I have created a taylor-made web platform for the symposium committees.

After organizing symposium MoveIT in 2015 it became clear that making a single stable and functional web site platform for symposium committees would make the task of creating a web site for any next committee easier. This became SymposIA.

A first version was used for the 2016 Inter-_Actief_ symposium. With the 2017 symposium “Virtuosity” the application in its current form (supporting multiple symposia from the same installation) was used.

When using SymposIA all a symposium committee has to do is create their own HTML templates and enter information about the symposium using the backend. After that visitors can sign up for the symposium, either by providing their personal details or logging in using their Inter-_Actief_ account. Many more features are in development but not yet released.

Web site: symposia.inter-actief.utwente.nl