About me

Hi there.

My name is Jan-Jelle Kester. My first name (Jan-Jelle) consists of two very typical Dutch names concatenated together, which is not very common. If you are non-Dutch, just call me “JJ”, that is easier for everyone involved.

I like clean and clever software solutions, and I am always challenging myself and others to do the right thing right.

Since 2018 I am working as Software Engineering Consultant at Info Support. Besides my work with/at clients I am also involved in our Research Center, defining research topics that can help the company and the community in general, guiding students working on assignments or their master thesis and giving guest lectures at universities. Also, I'm teaching a number of courses on software engineering.

I studied Technical Computer Science (BSc) and Software Technology (MSc) at the University of Twente. Additionally, I received my teaching qualification for the subject of computer science.

My primary interest in computer science is with (domain-specific) languages and compilers. In software engineering I particularly enjoy writing software that is well structured, easy to understand, and most important of all, performs the task it is supposed to. I strive to make the complex as simple as possible.

Besides computer science and programming I am interested in many things related to technology and science. My gaming preferences reflect that, as I primarily enjoy simulators (e.g., Flight Simulator with study-level aircraft) and tycoon games.

Contact information

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