Freelance work
Creatlr, the visual thinking platform

Friday February 1, 2013

Creatlr is an online platform for visual knowledge sharing. I have been involved in the development of the platform as freelance Django developer.

What is Creatlr?

The following description comes from the LinkedIn page of Creatlr.

We believe that innovation and collaboration can be easier and more creative for everybody. We also want innovation and running a business to be easy. It now requires way to many different platforms, expensive consultancy and takes up too much time. What’s missing is the right toolkit.

That’s exactly what Creatlr is. It’s a social place to find the right experts and explore tools that fit your workflow. It’s also a place to bring this all together and work visually with workspaces, an online workshop environment and offline workshops.

— LinkedIn (January 2016)

However, the best way to find out about Creatlr is by checking it out yourself.

My involvement

I have been involved with the development of Creatlr as feelance Django developer since the development of the current platform started in 2013. Together with Creatlr’s founder I have built out Creatlr from sketches and mockups to a fully working platform. I have worked in the function of lead developer alongside a font-end designer/developer.

Besides my programming-related tasks I have also been involved in the evolution of the platform by participating in brainstorms, shaping features, etc.

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