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Top Gear 3.0

Thursday June 9, 2016

After Clarkson, Hammond and May left Top Gear some time ago rumours about their replacements started immediately. As we know now the show is (primarily) hosted by an American (Matt LeBlanc) and an irritating red haired bloke (Chris Evans), along with a number of co-hosts.

While many thought that Clarkson, Hammond and May were Top Gear, the BBC decided to continue the series. Which makes sense, since it is very profitable with more than five million regular viewers. However, many disagree with the new format and/or the new presenters, including me.

I think the BBC has done something incredibly stupid. Top Gear is no longer a car show. Last week I learned nothing about the cars they featured. I did learn however that the highest pub in Africa is not in South Africa. And that Seasick Steve has great stories which he may not tell according to Chris. And – the best one – that some other guest I don’t care about once owned a Subaru. Great.

While “the trio” always came up with humorous TV, Top Gear was still a car show. Which brings me to the second problem. The new stuff is not funny. Chris tries to imitate Clarkson and fails horribly. I really don’t get why he is a radio man, since I really cannot understand a word he says with his high, screaming voice. The jokes are bad as well. One positive thing is Matt, who either acts really good or is suited for comedy (or both).

In the end, both people who watch Top Gear for the humour and those who watch Top Gear for the cars no longer want to watch it.

Of course Top Gear couldn’t stay the same. But they could have done so much. It just feels like the BBC found some compromise which works for no one. In the meantime Top Gear has reached an all time low in viewer ratings. Last weeks show had an audience of just 2.8 million, roughly two thirds of the week before (4.3 million).

I will watch the whole season. I think it will be interesting to see what the BBC will do to get the ratings up. And maybe the next season will be better. I’m not ready to give up, but I do not enjoy watching the new episodes nearly as much as reruns of old episodes.

Meanwile I’m waiting for The Grand Tour, by Clarkson, Hammond and May, coming out somewhere this autumn. Lets hope they will produce a good show.

To be continued.


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